Hello, my name is Ed!

Nice to meet you! I am a 4th year Computer Science student at UC San Diego, interested in front-end development as well as UX/UI Design. With skills in both fields, my passion lies in the process of creating the perfect user experience from design to implementation. With each project, I aspire to deliver beautiful and intutive applications that users will love.


UC San Diego
GPA: 3.4
Major: B.S. Computer Science (2017)


Coding: React, Java, C++, JS, HTML/CSS, Swift
Tools: Node.js, Sass, Heroku, Git, Xcode
Design: Sketch, Adobe PS, Adobe AI, InVision


Design at UCSD: President
Salesforce: UX Engineer Intern
Digium: UI Design Intern
UCSD Cog Sci: Instructional Assistant
UCSD Comp Sci: Tutor
UCSD Alumni: Web Developer
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UX Engineering

Interning as a UX Engineer is a blog piece I wrote while interning at Salesforce this summer. Published on the widely popular SalesforceUX medium publication, it details my interest in Design and Development and how I see myself delivering value in the industry as a whole. Furthermore, it touches on the importance of prototypers and the need for their role as technology moves forward.

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UX/UI Design + iOS Development

Duet is an event-first matchmaking iOS app that revolutionizes the way we meet new people. By leveraging common music tastes and interests in local events, it provides a beautiful and intuitive way for users to develop strong and long-lasting connections.

Duet was designed along with 5 others in a UX course at UC San Diego. Throughout the 10-week process, my team and I conducted user research and testing, while creating various personas, storyboards, and prototypes, to design the ideal solution to our problem. Click the link below for more information on the design process.

Design Process
HTML/CSS + Prototyping

edngai.com is my personal portfolio showcasing my unique set of skills in design & development. Designed with a mobile-first approach, it provides a clean and functional way to market my skills and personality to future employers.

Design Process
UI Design + Android Developement + Agile Methodology

FitKit is an all-in-one health application developed for the Android platform. By keeping track of a basic health profile, BMI, and weekly calories, it aims to provide tips to guide users towards a healthier lifestyle.

The application was developed using Java in Android Studio and utilizes Parse as a backend for handling user information. Using Agile methodology, our team of 5 implemented FitKit with weekly iterations involving gathering requirements, designing, coding, and testing. After weeks of iterating and stand-up meetings, our team was able to successfully complete key user stories and deliver a functional product to the customer.



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